ECO Solvent (water based) ink 4X100ml Compatible with Epson printers

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Professional True Color Water based Eco Solvent ink refill

This is Top Quality Water-Based Eco Solvent Ink. NOT for regular printing. Eco Solvent Ink is water-based ink used for printing with Eco-Solvent HTV. Our Eco Solvent Ink is specifically formulated for use with Epson Desktop Inkjet printers as well as professional printing machines. Excellent quality and vibrant colors. Shelf life is one year at room temperature after being opened.

Package includes:
( K ) BLACK 100ml
( C ) CYAN 100ml
( M )MAGENTA 100ml
( Y ) YELLOW 100ml
4 Syringes and 4 Needles

Application: PVC gold card, silver card, slideshow, film, transparent adhesive (PET), transparent film, plastic wrap (PE, PVC), glass, ceramic tile, KT board, body advertisement, light box advertisement, outdoor poster, Store signs, eco-solvent light film, photo paper, etc.

Product Description: Ecosolvent ink is a green solvent outdoor inkjet ink with high performance, low volatility, high flash point, wide color gamut, good weather resistance, and UV protection. This ink not only maintain the high precision of water-based ink production, but also overcome the harshness of water-based ink on the substrate and the inability of the produced picture to be used outdoors. And can be applied to many uncoated substrates. 

Product Features: The product has high color saturation and wide color gamut; the ink performance is stable and can protect the print head well.

(1) Beautiful and rich colors, realistic effects, wide color gamut, and color expressiveness;

(2) Waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, wear-resistant and non-fading,

(3) Using imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, no plugging; no plugging even if the machine is not turned on for a long time

(4) Long-lasting outdoor performance, can resist the influence of UV light, and prevent color fading;

(5) Does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and other toxic solvents; the properties of the printed product can meet various harsh tests at home and abroad.

(6) Good adhesion, especially fast drying;

(7) The ink can be stored for a long time without deterioration, precipitation or thickening, and its chemical properties are very stable, which is suitable for long-term storage.

Storage Instructions:

  1. It should be stored at 41-86°F);
  2. The storage period can be 12 months under the above conditions;
  3. The ink should be careful not to let dust and sundries enter the ink after the sealing aluminum film is opened;
  4. When the indoor temperature is too low (below 59°F), pay attention to use a heater, and take cooling measures when the temperature is higher than 82°F).