Chip Resetter for Epson 30 40 500 600 310 610 CX8400 CX9475F CX4400 CX4450 1400

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  • Original Epson 7-PIN & 9-PIN cartridges have special IC chips inside them that indicate their ink levels. Therefore, refilled cartridges will never show the correct ink level. However, our chip resetter can reset this chip allowing you to see your cartridges' ink levels.
  • Simply align the pins and press down for several seconds to complete the reset.
  • Now you can finally refill the Epson 7-PIN & 9-PIN  cartridges successfully, and reset the chips on the cartridges so the printer won't know the difference!
  • The resetter is guaranteed to work on original brand Epson 7-PIN & 9-PIN  cartridge chips and on "compatible chips" manufactured by 3rd parties.
  • This chip resetter is compatible with the following cartridges and printers:  
  • 9-pin Cartridges that the Chip Resetter works with:

    T071 /T077 /T078 /T079 /T080 /T088

    T0711 /T0712 /T0713 /T0714

    T0771 /T0772 /T0773 /T0774 /T0775 /T0776

    T0781 /T0782 /T0783 /T0784 /T0785 /T0786

    T0791 /T0792 /T0793 /T0794 /T0795 /T0796

    T0801 /T0802 /T0803 /T0804 /T0805 /T0806

    T0881 /T0882 /T0883 /T0884

    T071140 /T071240 /T071340 /T071440

    T077120 /T077220 /T077320 /T077420 /T077520 /T077620

    T078120 /T078220 /T078320 /T078420 /T078520 /T078620

    T079120 /T079220 /T079320 /T079420 /T079520 /T079620

    T080140 /T080240 /T080340 /T080440 /T080540 /T080640

    T088120 /T088220 /T088320 /T088420

    7-pin Cartridges that the Chip Resetter works with:

    T007 /T008 /T009 /T015 /T016 /T017 /T018 /T026 /T027 /T028 /T029

    T0321 /T0322 /T0323 /T0324 /T042 /T0422 /T0423 /T0424

    T0331 /T0332 /T0333 /T0334 /T0335 /T0336

    T0341 /T0342 / T0343 /T0344 /T0345 /T0346 /T0347 /T0348

    T036 /T037 /T038 /T039 /T040 /T041

    T0431 /T0441 /T0442 /T0443 /T0444

    T0451 /T0452 /T0453 /T0454 /T0461 /T0472 /T0473 /T0474

    T0481 /T0482 /T0483 /T0484 /T0485 /T0486

    T0491 /T0492 /T0493 /T0494 /T0495 /T0496

    T0540 /T0541 /T0542 /T0543 /T0544 /T0547 /T0548 /T0549

    T0551 /T0552 /T0553 /T0554 /T0561 /T0562 /T0563 /T0564

    T0591 /T0592 /T0593 /T0594 /T0595 /T0596 /T0597 /T0598 /T0599

    T0601 /T0602 /T0603 /T0604 /T0611 /T0612 /T0613 /T0614

    T0621 /T0631 /T0632 /T0633 /T0634

    T057 /T058 / T066 /T067 /T559

    T5591 /T5592 /T5593 /T5594 /T5595 /T5596

    T007201 /T008201 /T009201 /T015201 /T016201 /T017201 /T018201

    T026201 /T027201 /T028201 /T029201 /T032120 /T032220 /T032320

    T032420 /T033120 /T033220 /T033320 /T033420 /T033520 /T033620

    T034120 /T034220 /T034320 /T034420 /T034520 /T034620 /T034720

    T034820 /T036120 /T037020 /T038120 /T038125 /T039020 /T039025

    T039125 /T040120 /T041020 /T042220 /T042320 /T042420 /T043120

    T044120 /T044220 /T044320 /T044420 /T045120 /T045220 /T045320

    T045420 /T046120 /T047220 /T047320 /T047420 /T048120 /T048220

    T048320 /T048420 /T048520 /T048620 /T049150 /T049250 /T049350

    T049450 /T049550 /T049650 /T054020 /T054120 /T054220 /T054320

    T054420 /T054720 /T054820 /T054920 /T055140 /T055240 /T055340

    T055440 /T056140 /T056240 /T056340 /T056440 /T059120 /T059220

    T059320 /T059420 /T059520 /T059620 /T059720 /T059820 /T059920

    T060120 /T060220 /T060320 /T060420 /T061140 /T061240 /T061340

    T061440 /T062120 /T063120 /T063220 /T063320 /T063420

    T559120 /T559220 /T559320 /T559420 /T559520 /T559620

    The chip resetter works with on the following printers:

    Epson ME1 /ME100 /PX-A7250 /PM-D870 /PM-G850

    Epson Stylus Color C20 /C40 /480 /580 /680 /777 /777i /825

    Epson Stylus Color 870 /880 /1000ics /Epson 1000 ICS

    Epson Stylus Photo 780 /785EPX /790 /810 /820 /825 /830 /830U

    Epson Stylus Photo 870 /870LE /875 /875DC /875DCS /890 /895

    Epson Stylus Photo 900 /915 /925 /935 /950 /960 /1270 /1275 /1280

    Epson Stylus Photo 1290 /1295 /2000 /2000P /2100 /2200 /R200

    Epson Stylus Photo R210 / R220 /R300 /R300M /R310 /R340 /R360 /R510

    Epson Stylus Photo R610 /R630 /R800 /R1800 /R2400 /RX420 /RX425

    Epson Stylus Photo RX430 /RX500 /RX510 /RX600 /RX610 /RX620 /RX630

    Epson Stylus Photo R260 /R265 /R280 /R285 /R290

    Epson Stylus Photo R360 /R380 /R390

    Epson Stylus Photo 1400 /1410 /SP1400 SP1410

    Epson Stylus Photo RX560 /RX580 /RX585 /RX595

    Epson Stylus Photo RX610 /RX680/ RX685 /RX690 /RX700

    Epson Stylus C40 /C41 /C41SX /C41UX /C42 /C42+ /C42 Plus/ C42S/ C42SX

    Epson Stylus C42UX / C43 /C43SX /C43UX /C44 /C44+ / C44S/ C44SX

    Epson Stylus C44UX /C44 Plus /C45 /C45SX /C45UX /C48 /C50 /C60 /C61

    Epson Stylus C62 /C63 /C64 /C66 /C67 /C70 /C70+ /C70 Plus /C80 /C80N

    Epson Stylus C80WN /C82 /C82N /C82WN /C83 /C84 /C84N /C84WN

    Epson Stylus C84 /Photo Edition /C86 /C87 /C87PE /C88 /CX3200 /CX3600

    Epson Stylus CX3650 /CX3700 /CX3800 /CX3810 /CX3810C /CX4100

    Epson Stylus CX4200 /CX4400/ CX4600  /CX4700 /CX4800 /CX5200 /CX5400 /CX5800

    Epson Stylus CX5800F /CX6300 /CX6400 /CX6600 /CX7800

    Epson Stylus D68 /D88 /DX3800 /DX3850 /DX4200 /DX4800 /DX4850

    Epson Stylus D120 /D78/ D92 /DX4000 /DX4050 /DX4400

    Epson Stylus DX4450 /DX5000 /DX5050 /DX6000/DX6050

    Epson Stylus DX7000 /DX7400 /DX7450 /DX8400/DX8450

    Epson Stylus DX9400F /DX595


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